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Partnership is of Major Importance to Us

SYDECON works very fairly and cooperatively with its business partners. We maintain long-lasting relationships with our customers, suppliers, technology partners as well as universities.

Our Long Time Customers

Ciba Spezialitätenchemie

Complex Materials

Ciba Spezialitätenchemie

We have introduced a set of complex workflows for material management. These workflows do not only cover finance aspects of materials but they also implement steps for security assessments, warehousing, packaging and others. Workflows of this type can stay multiple months in the system.

ABB Group

Locally Customizable Global Solution

ABB Group

SYDECON has designed and implemented a global solution for numerous foreign subsidiaries. Hereby, we combined global governance rules with local requirements and rolled out local SAP integration.

Tetra Pak

Various Master Data Management Processes

Tetra Pak

Here, we implemented a wide area of master data management processes and methods, especially customer, supplier, customer group, brand data, design material and finance master data objects processes. These projects include documentation in MDM repository, worker and data quality analysis. The application are integrated with multiple operational systems.

Tetra Pak Processing Systems

Local-Global Material Processes

Tetra Pak Processing Systems

We introduced projects for material master data management. Implementing locally customizable workflow parts with a centrally governed core process is the major challenge in these projects.

ABB Schweiz

Various Data Management Processes

ABB Schweiz

Here, SYDECON lead various data management projects for multiple companies and divisions. Beyond pure master data management and integration, we implemented special processes in finance and asset management based on MDM Enterprise.

Our Technology Partners

Microsoft is Our Strategic Partner

Since the establishment of SYDECON, we work with Microsoft as a strategic partner. Microsoft solutions form the foundation of MDM Enterprise. Also, we introduce Microsoft solutions in our division master data management and data quality.

For Our Solutions, We Use

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Analysis Services
  • Microsoft Visual Studio mit C#
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server
  • Microsoft Windows Server

We also Master and Utilize

  • Microsoft SQL Server Data Quality Services
  • Microsoft SQL Server Master Data Services
  • Microsoft Biztalk Server

Along with our competencies in Microsoft products – which we keep up to date and verify with regular trainings and examination proceedings – we utilize integration technology of various suppliers. Thus, we ensure frictionless interaction with our customer environments.

Academic Work

SYDECON does not only design software but also works academically to further develop master data management. We regularly present our ideas, solution approaches and findings on international stages, events and conferences at renowned universities:

2nd Information Quality Industry Symposium
MDM Enterprise Analyzer: a framework to support centralized and local master data quality analysis
8th CC CDQ Workshop
MDM Enterprise: Optimized Master data workflows for Tetra Pak AB
14th International Conference on Information Quality
Master Data Management Processes A Petri-Net based solution that supports organizations with global and local MDM quality requirements
9th CC CDQ Workshop
Guest Presentation: Globally and locally managed master data workflows
16th International Conference on Information Quality
A Hierarchical Clustering Approach To Support The Data Verification Process In Master Data Management