Cloud Service Models Explained

Let's go back to the roots of intelligent cloud computing in this one. When choosing which cloud service model to get provided with it always depends on the specific knowledge of your company staff. Naturally not all employees in a company are crowned IT experts. So when we take a look at the three cloud [...]

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Digital reformatting with SYDECON

Digital reformatting means converting analogue materials into a digital format. These digital copies can and do often serve as a surrogate for the original but it doesn't have to stop there. The digital surrogates perform a preservation function by reducing and more often than not eliminating the use of the original. With the help of [...]

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Shared Service Management with MDM Enterprise in the Cloud

A Shared Services Center combines the advantages of external service providers with the reliability of internal staff. The effects of an externally hosted cloud system being used by employees of a company can boost their economic statistics by a far. By implementing the MDM Enterprise Solution into in-house processes not only will compliance with international [...]

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