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Control compliance processes through the cloud

Die Sicherheit von Daten, Systemen und Informationen muss organisatorisch und technisch für Hardware, Software und die zugrunde liegende Infrastruktur sichergestellt werden. Dazu existieren regulatorische Anforderungen und Standards, deren Einhaltung überwacht werden muss.The security of data, systems and information must be organized and technically ensured for hardware, software and the underlying infrastructure. There are regulatory requirements and standards for this, compliance with which must be monitored.

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Compliance as a Strategy for the Cloud

In our last post we deduced why IT compliance and corporate compliance have to go hand in hand with digital migration and business expansion. Now, however, the following problem arises: From the point of view of cloud providers, the implementation of customers' compliance requirements is an important competitive factor. At the same time, numerous regulations [...]

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IT Compliance versus Corporate Compliance – SYDECON

One might think that digital transformation takes place primarily in the area of ​​tension of IT compliance. However, numerous case studies of digital transformation show that this assumption does not go far enough. In the course of the digitization of previously analog business processes and workflows, requirements that were previously assigned to corporate compliance are [...]

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Digitization of business processes – SYDECON

When it comes to automated communication in companies, it goes without saying that a central social megatrend of recent years should not be ignored. It will permanently change our coexistence and behavior in the business world. We are of course talking about digitization. A particularly clearly recognizable change due to the digital transformation relates to [...]

Automated communication workflows in companies – SYDECON

After our insights into the topic of KPMG self assesments using questionnaires, we will now devote our next blog entries to a field that is critical for the success of the internal company surveys that we have described before. Fast, automated and continuous communication is part of the essence of fully automated workflows. In order [...]

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Turn Compliance Into Business Success: The KPMG Self Assesment – SYDECON

Let’s suppose your company runs branch offices or subsidiaries in different locations or even countries around the world. All those offices need to apply by different rules, which can be costly. But regulatory and business requirements do not contradict each other. In our last blog-entry we developed a model that greatly reduces the complexity of [...]

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Turning compliance to business success: the qualitative classification of processes – SYDECON

In our last entry “How to turn compliance requirements into business success” we developed a model that greatly reduces the complexity of the topic and allowed us to get a clear view on what is important when implementing compliance rules. We spoke of two different ways to use the model. The qualitative classification of processes [...]

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