SOX Compliance in User Management

What exactly the Sarbanes-Oxley-Act, short SOX, is and how it is affecting corporate practice, we already covered in our blog entry on SOX compliance, which you can visit on this page. Now let’s take a closer look at the different fields of implementation and application. Your best option for implementing these mandatory guidelines is to [...]

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Implementing SOX Guidelines – SYDECON

Now have a look at how you can manage to make mandatory SOX-guidelines help your company to profit rather than being hindered by them. Your best option for implementing these guidelines is to set up rules and methods for the verification of financially relevant transactions. That means to incorporate workflows that guarantee adhering to the four-eye-principle [...]

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SOX Compliance – SYDECON

This weeks blog entry: a short introduction to SOX compliance before we continue working our way towards the next video. So: let’s suppose your company runs branch offices or subsidiaries in different locations or even countries around the world. With more and more local headquarters on the way business becomes increasingly complex. And accounting errors [...]

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