How to turn compliance requirements into business success – SYDECON

Regulatory and business requirements do not contradict each other. On the contrary: Both can be traced back to common objectives and intentions. Companies can use regulatory requirements as a starting point in order to realize synergy effects between the specified obligations and their own objectives. To simplify matters, we have developed a compliance model that [...]

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The Table of Authority – SYDECON

Organising Material Master Data is no easy feat as you have learned in our last blog post. But put into strictly hierarchical fashion it is possible to create an effective digital infrastructure for all compliance data. This structure facilitates organization of material-related information and prevents redundant storage. Especially, when material is stored in more than one [...]

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Material Master Data – SYDECON

In a manufacturing business all individual branch offices procure and produce their own materials. Those materials are eventually kept in stock and recorded. With the digital Shared Services solution, a central repository of information on materials can be created. It contains descriptions and key data on all the materials that an enterprise has on record [...]

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COVID-19: Legal Obligations for Business Owners – SYDECON

As promised we will soon follow our first entry on Segregation of Duties with a case study. But in light of the recent developments a quick guide on legal obligations for business owners may be in order first. With the spread of the #CoronaVirus (COVID-19) companies are obligated to look out for employee safety. We [...]

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Segregation of Duties – SYDECON

Segregation of Duties - What is that? Let’s suppose your company runs branch offices or subsidiaries in different locations or even countries around the world. With rising income and expenditure bills security concerns will rise as well. The need for risk management is then due to the widespread nature of the company. Sooner than later [...]

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Implementing SOX Guidelines – SYDECON

Now have a look at how you can manage to make mandatory SOX-guidelines help your company to profit rather than being hindered by them. Your best option for implementing these guidelines is to set up rules and methods for the verification of financially relevant transactions. That means to incorporate workflows that guarantee adhering to the four-eye-principle [...]

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SOX Compliance – SYDECON

This weeks blog entry: a short introduction to SOX compliance before we continue working our way towards the next video. So: let’s suppose your company runs branch offices or subsidiaries in different locations or even countries around the world. With more and more local headquarters on the way business becomes increasingly complex. And accounting errors [...]

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Shared Service Center: Features – SYDECON

Did we change the rational order in which aspects of the Shared Service topic are normally presented to catch your interest? Yes, we did. But don’t worry, we’ll get to the features of a fully functioning SSC – right now! As of now the main aspects of a company’s work on achieving regulatory compliance are [...]

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