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Organising Material Master Data is no easy feat as you have learned in our last blog post. But put into strictly hierarchical fashion it is possible to create an effective digital infrastructure for all compliance data. This structure facilitates organization of material-related information and prevents redundant storage. Especially, when material is stored in more than one location or used in more than one plant. Restriction issues will be solved as follows: 

The table of authority is intended to prevent unauthorized users from changing certain material master records. Roles are defined and assigned to every person that operates within the borders of the digital infrastructure. Buyers for example, can view all data for a material, but are usually only allowed to change purchasing data. Material planners or inventory controllers may only be allowed to change the data directly related to materials planning and controlling. Permits are issued in-house or across the group by the relevant role holders – for example, the plant managers or CFOs. MDM Enterprise in the Cloud helps with specifically developed, preprogrammed role structures. These trigger automatisms between role holders and plants and tie up plant-internal and -external IT-tools.

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