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According to the international “Whistleblowing Report 2019″, German companies recorded the most compliance issues in 2019 in national comparison. There have been conformity problems in a good 43% of german companies, followed by British companies with 40%, French with 38% and Swiss companies with 35%.

The statistics show: While Germany is better than ever when it comes to compliance issues, there are still a lot of problems. So there is still a lot to be done. With digitization continuin to advance due to megatrends like New Work, it can no longer simply be enough to implement the legal requirements. In the future, companies must strive for compliance excellence in order to remain competitive!

  1. Sharing economy

The wheel doesn’t have to be reinvented. It is important to make sure that (good) ideas and approaches are distributed through all parts of the company. So you won’t only implement rules – but also guarantee higher productivity. Be it because questions occur repeatedly, or because topics are put up for discussion.

  1. Communication

Rules should not only be laid out, they should also be communicated effectively. Regardless of whether you are hiring new employees or to quickly pick up even the longest-serving employees and bring them up to date. Furthermore, it is more effective in the long run if rules or obligations are properly understood. An ideal compliance campaign ensures that employees can identify with all guidelines.

  1. Employee friendliness

Only very few employees have a lot of time left over to take up activities that are not directly targeted, such as implementing rules of conduct. So instead of writing hundreds of pages of prose, it is a good idea to pick up employees another way. Compliance officers should be trained in content creation in order to be able to effectively create information in the form of infographics or videos. On the one hand, this increases the likelihood that the document will be observed at all and, on the other hand, you increase acceptance.

  1. Teamwork

Compliance cannot be achieved alone. The strategy will only lead to success if everyone pulls in the same direction. A compliance officer should therefore not be a one-man show. You promote broad acceptance through explanations and by making it clear how compliance processes can increase your productivity. More on this in our last blog post.

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