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Like promised last week it’s all about productivity this time. In other words: Which kind of advantages does an SSC offer when used correctly? We already established that the mere implementation of Shared Service Management offers the difficulty of constantly having to compare processes between local headquarters and the SSC. So let’s start this one with a list of services every company should be able to provide but often struggles to because of unorganized process management:

  • High customer proximity
  • Meeting customer requirements
  • Transparency
  • Flexibility
  • Ability to quickly respond to inquiries

While there is certainly more to mention when going into detail, these core advantages are what every decentralized SSC such as MDM Enterprise in the Cloud works towards. This happens through installing standardized procedures that ensure order in business processes and guarantee adhering to the four-eye-principle. Sounds neat but is in fact often as complicated as all of the other communication processes.

Therefore, it might be best to hire an external service provider with this task. A first step of collaboration will then be to install a company-customized common workflow-system. As a result, it will no longer be necessary for employees to compare their information, but they can just fall back on an already established chain of command with a certain form of communication. Constant check-backs and doubled communication procedures become unnecessary.

Overall the goal of a decentralized SSC is to eliminate the need for a specific location as a whole. It helps to make highly complex process management techniques easily accessible and leads to efficient and straight-forward communication as well as regulatory compliance.

Next week look forward to learning more about the process of installing a – as we called it – company-customised workflow-system!

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