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When deploying an application independently, the responsibility for implementing, converting and maintaining controls rests with the company itself. In a cloud-based deployment, cloud provider and customer share these responsibilities. In the current situation, this is more relevant than ever. The cloud service model used is decisive for the degree to which such responsibilities are transferred to the provider. More on this in our blog entry on cloud service models. IT services are increasingly being provided by external service providers. This already includes classic hosting services that take over the provision of servers for their customers. However, cloud services play a more important role, depending on the cloud model, providing their customers with infrastructure services, platform services or entire software applications. For companies, the choice of the cloud model is not a purely technical, but a strategic decision that has a decisive impact on infrastructure, processes and, at the very least, on the implementation of compliance.

However, companies and authorities should not only fully meet the compliance requirements, but also use their investments to optimally meet their corporate goals. Then the measures also take effect in non-regulated areas and thus protect the entire value of research and development, production, services and transactions and other value-adding services of the company. The importance of compliance will continue to grow. The implementation and observance of compliance requirements are important strategic tasks of every organization.

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