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So now that we’ve established the basics of what supporting cloud systems actually do achieve for companies in terms of data management and compliance let’s get into deeper territory with our next few blog posts!

How can Shared Service Models – understood as the result of business outsourcing processes – be implemented into in-house processes to support economic success?

Take a look at the challenges first: One central and probably the most important aspect of founding an SSC is the availability of qualified personnel. Installing an IT system for example requires for in-house employees to be or to be made fit in handling hardware and software services. It also represents a challenge to summarize business processes, especially in multi-national corporations, that were previously handled differently in every local headquarter. To prevent affection of customer communication through these completion shifts it may help to standardize command chains and to develop a company-customized “language” in the form of a clearly defined workflow-system.

With that in mind the possibilities for business optimization differ from cost reduction to increased trust levels between company, employees and customers. The unpredictability of the Web 2.0 drives forward the need for a dynamic IT-infrastructure way more than most realize. To prioritize the applications’ needs means to prioritize corporate communication efficiency as a whole. And that is where the goals of a Shared Service Center come into picture. And since talking about these is not exactly space-efficient – more on that next week.

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