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An overview of all existing data in a big company can be difficult to maintain. In modern business environments, data warehouse systems are used to supply information on operating figures and their evolution. MDM Enterprise Analyzer acts as a data warehouse system for data quality. The tool calculates key figures of data quality, maps them onto a personal dashboard and detects trends. Knowing all of your company’s strengths and weaknesses is crucial to leading it successfully.

However, master data presents your business with specific challenges: Its quality cannot be traced down to numerical values and its determining criteria differ from corporation to corporation. MDM Enterprise Analyzer makes master data quality quantifiable by applying a rule system based on your individual quality criteria. It enables continuous assessment of data quality and substantiated improvement strategies. Analysis can be executed into finest detail via drill-down methods at database records level.

Moreover, MDM Enterprise Analyzer provides a unique concept for handling access rights of large enterprises. This also applies to decentralized master data organizations, matrix structures and other complex forms of organizations. With the help of this tool, members of staff can only see information they are responsible for and that is relevant to them.

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