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After all the information about compliance solutions via the cloud has been collected, it is now time to summarize: For a company that decides to use a cloud solution, there are great benefits. You benefit from the advantages of digital transformation, at the same time compliance requirements are better met and as a result the maturity level of your own business processes is increased. In addition, a higher level of information security can be achieved in a cloud than in a normal data center of a small or medium-sized company. This also has advantages for processes that are not or only indirectly affected by the cloud.

The cloud as a driver of synergy effects 

Cloud providers and customers benefit from the digital processes and can better align their demands with the requirements of information technology. The benefit also lies with the provider of cloud services. The more customers use his services, the better they can be standardized. This leads to synergy effects that result from the sale of the same or similar services to several customers. The same service can then be offered more efficiently. Cloud providers also benefit when it comes to compliance and information security. For reasons of competition alone, every provider must ensure a high level of compliance and security and prove this by means of audits and certifications. The level of maturity of the business processes increases with the provider from audit to audit, with the same advantages as with his customers.

Compliance – Fields of Activity

A win-win situation for everyone involved with the cloud as the base technology

The mandatory audits and certifications then have direct advantages for the cloud customers. A cloud customer can easily prove that compliance, data and information protection are adequately implemented in their own company by referring to the certification of their provider. Only in exceptional cases does a customer have to initiate his own supplier audits with his cloud service provider. Overall, the digital transformation and the cloud as its base technology creates a win-win situation for everyone involved. This includes cloud customers and providers, but also business-end customers and business-end users who benefit from digitized processes and can better harmonize their private needs with the requirements of information technology.

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