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In supply chain management, large companies, for example from the textile or food industry , are particularly affected by compliance problems, some of which are considerable. In the globalized world, individual products can usually be found in several countries and often even on completely different continents before they finally reach the end consumer. If a quality defect is then identified, it is a real challenge to trace the production point at which it was caused.

Difficult tracing of data due to differentiation of production

Additionally, in the year 2022, workflows in many cases already extend beyond the sphere of influence of a single organization. Examples here are just-in-time relationships between automobile manufacturers and their suppliers or self-service portals by city administrations. From a compliance point of view, overlaps or contradictions can arise here, for example if the two partners have to meet different requirements or the status of compliance implementations by the partner is unknown. This quickly leads to problems in production and, as a result, makes it difficult to trace data.

In the examples from the automotive industry or public portals, compliance requirements can be enforced using SLAs or terms of use. However, it becomes more difficult if both sides have incompatible requirements – for example if a company has a supplier in China and the compliance requirements of the German company include the use of certain certified encryption methods. The demands of the digital transformation on workflows, workplaces and technologies can be met through the increased use of cloud technologies. The Internet of Things is even unthinkable without the cloud.

The cloud as a solution for faster data tracing

Not only does it enable more proactive and automated data management in a supply chain, but also the instant provision of traceability details to brand or retail partners through customized reporting capabilities. The platforms Decór and retracted recently presented a pioneering model for the tracing of data. The project is scheduled to enter the pilot phase in April 2022. With the MDM Enterprise, SYDECON also provides a digital infrastructure that greatly simplifies the management of master data in companies and makes it traceable. Find out more under Services.

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